Wheelchair Companion

About the Wheelchair Companion Originator

Introducing Tracy Stopyra --
Innovator and Designer of the Wheelchair Companion
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Tracy Stopyra is the inventor and patent holder of the innovative, Wheelchair Companion, as well as the CEO of T.E.S. HomeScape Design. The Chair Companion is a dream come true for Tracy. Creativity comes naturally to her. Her mother and grandmother’s passion was working with fabric. Following in their footsteps, and her love of design, The Wheelchair Companion came to life. Tracy has worked as a nurse for 19 years and her mission is to provide and offer people of all ages and gender who rely on wheelchairs, the comfort and colorful chair pad and storage pouch options that complement each users personality and enhances their well being.

Tracy resides in Massachusetts with her husband and their son and daughter. She currently works in the healthcare industry and remains actively working on new and creative ways to enrich an improve the lives of the people who rely on adaptive equipment.